Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Camera Pan Head Mini Tripods! No Purchase Necessary!

Tripods are great for taking still shots removing the shaky hand syndrome. Tripods are essential for shooting in low light and moving objects. Tripods also help give you a different perspective on the shot that you might have otherwise missed. There are thousands of different tripods on the market. Smaller tripods are better suited for portable cameras that do not weigh as much as a professional camera. Larger tripods are made to support the weight from professional cameras with large lenses. Different cameras use different tripods.

There are two main types of tripods, ball head and pan head tripods, both serving different purposes. Ball head tripods swivel, as the head loosens up to move the camera in all directions. The pan head tripod requires two adjustments to alter the cameras position. Ball head tripods allow for easier movement and adjustment of the camera, but cannot support heavier weights like the pan head can. The pan-tilt head will take longer to adjust, but will support heavier loads, especially if shooting a vertical shot.

Tripods range in price from $15 to $100 for a high end. To claim your free tripod from Accessory Genie simply enters the promotion code: “09AGTR10” upon checkout and you will receive a free tripod. This offer is valid until April 4, 2010. You do not even need to make a purchase to receive your mini pan head tripod courtesy of Accessory Genie.


Monday, April 13, 2009

FM Transmitters for iPod and MP3 Car Playback

If you want to play music through your car's stereo using an iPod or MP3 player you need special connections. There are a variety of ways to stream MP3 music into your car stereo, but we recommend using a FM Transmitter. FM Transmitters require little installation and are cost efficient, averaging $40 each. FM Transmitters work by picking up low frequency radio stations and intercepting them with your MP3 players. The frequency stations available range from 88.1 FM to 107.9 FM. Other stations will not be picked up through the FM Transmitter because of FCC radio rules and regulations. The FCC will not allow FM transmitters to broadcast 18.75 nanowatts, ensuring that they will not interfere with major radio stations frequencies. Basically, you are creating your own low-wattage radio station that has to compete with radio stations pushing out 6,000 + watts of music. This can sometimes interfere with the MP3 player and radio station.

There are different FM Transmitters available on the market and you want to make sure you are getting the one that best suits your needs. FM Transmitters can either be wired or wireless forms. Basically, a wired connects to your car, while a wireless uses your car's radio frequency to play. They both work equally well, just that the wireless is easier to manage.

FM Transmitters can either be battery operated or connected through your cars cigarette adapter. FM Transmitters that plug into a cigarette adapter will charge the iPod or MP3 player, while playing music through your car stereo. Battery operated FM Transmitters will not charge your MP3 player while in use. Cigarette adapter FM Transmitters can have a cradle that holds your iPod or MPP3 player for easy access and adjustments while driving. At Accessory Genie they make a Flex Pod FM transmitter that has a cradle with a flexible neck.

FM Transmitters not come with a variety of added on features such as PSL technology, where a positive station delivers quality sound and reduces drift as you travel from city to city. They also have a LCD screen to help adjust settings and find the optimal station. The newest FM Transmitters can automatically detect the best station for you and tune into it. You can also find remote controlled FM Transmitters so you can keep your hands on the wheel while driving.