Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nissan offers iPhone App to Check Electric Cars Battery Levels

In the near future we will all be driving some sort of vehicle that does not run on what we now call gasoline. We will be using an alternative, more efficient and environmentally friendly fuel. Some cars may run on solar power, water, electricity, or new and unheard of methods. These will all be great for the globe, environment, and overall life. We will be a cleaner, more efficient society.

Recently with the wave of alternative vehicles hitting the market Apple decided to jump in with an innovative application. The new Apple app will allow drivers of electric vehicles to view their battery life. Currently, electric vehicles do not show how much battery life is left, so the new app will be of great help to those who drive electric cars.

Currently, the app is being set for Nissan cars and will come out within the upcoming months. With the application users can view their cars battery level and see when the battery needs to be recharged. You can be as far away from your vehicle as you want and still be able to take battery level readings. The app will also remotely turn on the cars air conditioning, which can help conserve battery life.

This app is just the future for what is coming. Soon we will see apps that can initiate a battery recharge, and whatever else the mind can dream up.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aftermarket vs OEM Batteries- Who Wins?

A big debate is over original equipment manufacturers versus aftermarket manufacturers. Many times people shopping look to buy a name brand battery for their electronic devices; often ignoring the aftermarket battery section. Shoppers worry aftermarket batteries are not made with the same standards of OEM batteries, do not last as long, cannot hold a charge, are flimsy, or unreliable. These are all major concerns, but doing the proper research can help you find the complete opposite of what was described above.

Aftermarket batteries are often made to charge and hold a charge longer than OEM batteries. They are often made with the same quality standards; making them nearly identical. Aftermarket batteries can be made superior to OEM batteries, and still cost less. This is the main reason aftermarket batteries sell; they are almost half the price of the OEM battery.

Aftermarket batter chargers are typically the same, if not better, than OEM battery chargers. The same reasons above apply to this.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New AccessoryGenie.com Mini Sites

We have created a few mini sites to help shoppers navigate through and learn more about Accessory Genie's electronic products and accessories. We have created My AccessoryGenie.com | Shop AccessoryGenie.com | Accessory-Genie.com

These sites should be of assistance to new shoppers. We want to help you establish a positive relationship with our company.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Accessory Genie Undergone Major Site Redesign

After much debating over what the site should look like, we deceided to tone it down and leave more white space. We felt our site was too cluttered before, making it difficult to navigate throug.

Our simplified version has incorporated little bits and pieces taken from the various redesigns to come up with the finished product. Although it is not completely done, www.accessorygenie.com looks very nice and appealing. We have researched and analyzed new keywords, found new ideas and brought them to life in our newly renovated site.


We also have created a few mini sites to help promote our website. check them out and show your support by letting us know what you think! Enjoy
My AccessoryGenie.com
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