Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DataMINE memory card line

Today Accessory Power released a new line of memory cards to the masses. Their new line is called DataMINE and comes in 2GB SD, 4GB microSD, 4GB SDHC, 8GB microSD, 8GB SDHC, 16GB microSD, and 16GB SDHC. These cards are rated a blazing fast Class 6; with a 6MB/sec minimum transfer rate, you can’t buy a card faster than these. Basically that’s a lot less time you have to spend waiting for your great images you shot to show up on your LCD screen. Too often, manufacturers put out memory cards without putting much thought into them, but this is not the case with the DataMINE line, even the packaging and branding are spot on. I’ve been playing with the 16GB SDHC and it’s been lightning fast. It’s getting ever so important to have fast and reliable memory cards on hand, especially with all the DSLR’s that are doing full HD video now. 16GB’s is a lot of space, and if you’re using a small point and shoot camera or using the card for your phone or music device, it’s going to hold a lot of images and music. The prices of the cards vary, but they are reasonable. Really though, with memory cards I’d rather pay a bit more for the security and peace of mind that comes with a quality card. A couple years ago I made the mistake of buying a fake SanDisk card on ebay, it worked out fine at first, but one day I turned my camera on and everything I had shot the night before was gone. Even trying to rescue the card with back-up software didn’t help. The new DataMINE cards feature Accessory Power’s DataSafe technology, so you know that your information is safe and secure. Currently you can purchase them at our Amazon store front here and soon on our website