Friday, June 29, 2012

Smart Phone Accessories that You Should Have

Every year, the smart phone industry is releasing newer versions or newer models in the mobile market. With this, more and more people are attracted to smart phones, thus leading to an increase in the sales of smart phones.

It is noticeable that more and more people have smart phones as one of their tech gadgets in their everyday lives. To further maximize the purpose of the smart phone, it is also wise to invest in some accessories or gadgets that can be interconnected with the device. Having any these accessories allows you to enjoy more of your smart phone due to the fact that the designers of these devices have put into mind multi functionality.

In here, let us examine the different accessories and enhancements that you, as a smart phone owner should have in order for your device to give its full performance:

* Protective case - to protect your hard earned investment in the form of your smart phone, it is wise to buy it a protective case. A common protective case is made from two different materials, silicone and hard plastic. A silicone case is a perfect mould of your smart phone; it will fit perfectly on your phone and protect the casing against scratches and soft bumps. A hard case on the other hand is made of hard polymer that is specifically designed for your smart phone. This helps the phone to be protected against heavy bumps and hard scratches. But of course, care should still be observed since having a protective case does not guarantee that the phone is completely protected against damage.

* Earphones/headsets - if you plan to maximize your smart phone by using it as a music player, it is a wise thing to invest in a good pair of earphones or a headset. A good audio accessory for the phone should have a good mix of bass to enhance those tunes used for movement activities such as exercises or workouts. On the other hand, noise cancelling headphones are great if you want to listen to soft music from your phone without interference from outside noise.

* Hands free devices - hands free devices such as a Bluetooth earpiece is a nice investment if you want to use your smart phone while driving or when multi tasking. Since most smart phones have touch screens for interaction, having hands free devices is a great help if you do not feel like using your hands to interact with your phone when a call comes in.

* Car chargers - always on the go and always using your smart phone? A car charger is the best companion for your smart phone as this will allow you to charge up your phone while you are in your car. You will no longer worry about low battery notifications as your phone is always charged up anywhere and anytime.

* Car mounts - with car mounts, you interact with your smart phone without having the need to hold it with your hands while driving. Using this type of accessory allows you to interact with your phone in a safe manner while driving. Furthermore, you can use it as an entertainment device for your passengers while travelling. They can easily watch movies from the smart phone.

* Speakers/speaker docks - want to show off your playlist? Invest in speakers for your smart phone or speaker docks wherein you can dock your phone to a speaker to play music. This gives you the ability to show off to people the real capabilities of your phone when it comes to music quality.

There are numerous other accessories and gadgets on the market but these are a few of the essentials for your smart phone. Investing in any of these will allow your smart phone to show off its real capabilities.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Microsoft Surface Has Changed the Game

Monday was awesome! Which is not typical for a Monday but this Monday was different from any Monday that has ever been or will ever be. Why? Because Microsoft stepped out of the shadows and stunned the world with the Surface.

Apple has been the forerunner in the tablet category with Android tablets trailing behind. Now Microsoft has parachuted into the front of the race with what is hands down an innovative tablet design. This of course does not mean that your iPad or Kindle is a lesser product. It just means that Microsoft took the tablet platform and swan dove into first place. Here are a few reasons why. First, Windows 8, it's a completely new product from anything out there. It was designed to be all about the user and have an intuitive interface. Secondly is the construction, which is a completely new manufacturing process, called VaporMg (pronounced vapor mag) which pulls double duty by making the body lightweight and tough. It also makes the seemingly invisible kickstand a possibility. The kickstand itself is a game changer. Because of the VaporMg process it is virtually invisible when the Surface is being used as a tablet. Once the kickstand is out all it needs is the keyboard and voila, ultra book! This brings us to the third item, the keyboard. Microsoft designed a case for the Surface which is simultaneously logical and revolutionary. The case magnetically attaches itself, much like the iPad's does, but unlike any iPad case this one houses a complete keyboard and tracking pad in an impossible 3mms. The keys are pressure sensitive and even know to lock themselves when the case is closed over the Surface.

Apple had the future cornered with the iPad for play and the Mac Book Pro for work. Now the Microsoft Surface has turned all that around by being what looks to be the best of both worlds. Can't wait to get one of my own and all the cool new accessories to come.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Gifts

This Sunday is Father's Day. Another day of recognition many don't know the history of so for those that don't or those who do and want a refresher, here you go.

In the summer of 1910, a young woman named Sonora Smart Dodd held the first Father's Day celebration in Spokane Washington just two years after the first Mother's Day celebration. She felt that fathers deserved to be celebrated as well. The main reason for this sentiment was that her father, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, had become a single father and had to take on the responsibility of raising his six children. Originally Sonora suggested her father's birthday (June 5th) as the celebratory date but preparations weren't completed until the 3rd Sunday of June. For the next ten years Sonora Dodd promoted Father's Day with little success. Then in the 1930's Sonora began extensively promoting Father's Day and even raised awareness at a national level. Mrs. Dodd had quite a knack for cross-promoting too. As of 1938 she got the backing of the Father's Day Council which was a New York based group founded by the Associated Men's Wear Retailers. Essentially all the guys that were in the business of making ties helped her promote her cause. For the next 30 or so years the nation was resistant to accepting Father's Day and even went so far as to make sarcastic jokes and cynical remarks in the press accusing merchants of just wanting to ride the success of Mother's Day and make a buck. Regardless of the decades of resistance from the public there were political figures that were for making Father's Day official. Beginning with then President Woodrow Wilson who way back in 1916 wanted to make it official. In 1924 President Coolidge suggested that it be celebrated by the nation as well. But it wasn't until 1972 that dads across the nation got the official recognition when President Richard Nixon signed it into law. So sixty-two years later the tie business went through the roof on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Not to mock anyone who bought their dad another tie this year, or maybe even an electronic tie-holder to sort all the ties from Father's Days past, but I have it on high authority that dads like gadgets too so if you bought your dad yet another tie or "Kiss the Cook" BBQ apron and feel that he deserves a do-over gift after Sunday then here's a few cool gadgets he's guaranteed to genuinely love and maybe even need.

ReVIVE Solar Restore XL- Compact, lightweight device charges with either sunlight or via USB. The Solar ReStore XL incorporates a high-efficiency solar panel with a 300mA charging rate in direct sunlight. With your average smartphone needing around 1300mAh to 1500mAh for a full charge, the XL will be charged up with enough juice after only 3-5 hours in direct sunlight. Leave the pack in direct sunlight for 13 hours to fully charge its internal 4000mAh battery. The low self-discharge Li-polymer battery pack stores emergency power for weeks without degradation, so you can use the power when you need it. Once charged the 4,000mAh battery can charge a Smartphone 3 times over. It has a built-in dual-mode LED flashlight which can shine at full beam or in S.O.S. mode for up to 36 consecutive hours on one charge. It also comes with 2 dual-window suction mounts, a carabiner and a USB-charging cable.

SMARTmini Bluetooth FM Transmitter- Make and Receive Calls on your Phone Hands-Free while driving! Equipped with Bluetooth Technology, it's easy to use your phone while driving. The hands free technology allows the user to make and receive phone calls through their car speakers. If music is playing, it will slowly fade out to allow the user to clearly connect to any phone call. The GOgroove SMARTmini BT plugs into AND grips the inside of your DC car outlet. The redesigned articulating neck is compact and the sleek design compliments any vehicle nicely.

Finally, if your dad is a gamer, give him the old school arcade experience with the ScreenPLAY touch screen joystick. The Enhance ScreenPLAY Tab joystick gives you the competitive edge you need to level up. ScreenPLAY allows you to easily play your favorite touch screen game without missing a move. Just mount the screen-safe joystick over the virtual gamepad and let the fun begin!

Friday, June 8, 2012

CNET Features Panda Pal Portable Speaker

This has been a tremendous week for Accessory Genie. More specifically for the GOgroove Panda Pal portable speaker which was spotlighted in all of its adorable glory on, yes CNET. For those who are unaware of who CNET is, it's a tech media site which was originally founded in 1994 and has a mammoth following with over 12,000,000 unique visitors. In other words, they're HUGE!

For two glorious days CNET has the GOgroove Panda Pal portable speaker featured as an Exclusive Deal at the lowest price anywhere. Besides the cache of being an "Exclusive Deal", both Liza Maloy and Rick Broida from CNET wrote incredible reviews about one of our favorite products. But they weren't just interested in the Panda Pal because of its super cute design or the huge sound it puts out, they want to help Pandas International too. A heart as big as their site.

Pandas International is a non-profit organization that has been mentioned plenty here, but that's because what they do is so important that we'll mention them every chance we get. To reiterate to those in the know or to enlighten any novices, Pandas International is dedicated to the preservation of the endangered Giant Panda and its habitat. They were founded in 1999 after the soon to be founders witnessed the plight of the endangered Panda first-hand in China. Since then they have been working tirelessly to raise funds through donations and to educate the public so that future generations can continue preservation efforts. In 2008, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the Sichuan Province of China. As a result, the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Center was severely affected. Immediately following the earthquake, Pandas International dedicated itself to raising money to provide medicine, food and electrical equipment to the reserve and neighboring communities. Since then, Pandas International has been concentrating efforts on rebuilding the forested area the pandas call home through their Bamboo Project. Pandas International has several ways that you can help including Pennies 4 Pandas, Adopt a Panda, and Sponsor a Panda. Another way that they're spreading the word and raising funds is through sales of the Panda Pal portable speaker. From June through October 5% of the net profits of Panda Pal sales will be donated directly to Pandas International.

So hurry and get your very own Panda Pal from CNET and I mean hurry since their offer ends at 11:00pm EST today. If you don't make it to that deal then you can grab one on sale on this very site. Learn more about how you can help the endangered Giant Panda at

Friday, June 1, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumors are Running Rampant

All this week photos and videos claiming to be evidence of the new iPhone 5 have been popping up like photos of the Lochness Monster or Bigfoot once did. But this is nothing new. Every year the whispers start, then the fuzzy images, then the not so fuzzy images of what the next iPhone will look like. But unlike cryptids--like the Chupacabra or Jackalope--the next iPhone will in fact exist in a tangible way. The only uncertainty for now is when. So, while we wait for a set release date, let us indulge in the fuzzy features the rumor mills are cranking out.

So far they all seem to allege that the 6th generation iPhone will have a taller screen coming in at a hair under 4.0 inches. Sources are also agreeing that while the screen looks to be taller, that the width will remain the same. This would mean that the current 3.5-inch display with its resolution of 960x640 would be beefed up to 3.99 inches and a resolution of 1136x640 (the better to see HD video with!). If this is true, then the casing itself will have a complete redesign. Fortunately, Steve Jobs had a hand in this so whatever it looks like it will be gorgeous. Another design change sources are agreeing on is that the new iPhone will also be one of the thinnest ever. Sources are saying that Apple has achieved this by combining the iPhone's LCD screen and its touch sensors into one. As far as the backing goes, there are whispers of a new and improved Gorilla Glass that promises to be the most durable of them all.

In regards to what the iPhone will actually be made of some (perhaps less reputable sources) have suggested unicorn horn, but sources are claiming that it will be something far more sinister than that. Liquid Metal! Yep, just like the T-1000 in Terminator 2. Well, maybe not exactly but that's what I picture when I hear "Liquid Metal". Either way some say that a Liquid Metal iPhone is still just a concept. If is in fact a reality for the iPhone 5 then I'm reserving one ASAP. One thing that the new iPhone will potentially kill is the humble existence of the point-and-shoot camera. It's rumored to come equipped with an unheard of 10 megapixel camera because you know, why not?

As gorgeous and futuristic as this fantasy iPhone is looking, its sounding like it will have beauty and brains. Sources are saying that Apple will be powering one of the world's thinnest phones with iPad's A5X CPU Quad Core graphics. Quad core, that's twice as much as twice as much! With that much power potentially going into the new iPhone sources are guessing that the next logical upgrades will be the introduction of iOS 6 and an increase from the current 512MB to 1GB of RAM.

Like I said before, if this is all true then I want one. I will coddle it like an only child and buy it all the accessories it wants.