Friday, June 22, 2012

Microsoft Surface Has Changed the Game

Monday was awesome! Which is not typical for a Monday but this Monday was different from any Monday that has ever been or will ever be. Why? Because Microsoft stepped out of the shadows and stunned the world with the Surface.

Apple has been the forerunner in the tablet category with Android tablets trailing behind. Now Microsoft has parachuted into the front of the race with what is hands down an innovative tablet design. This of course does not mean that your iPad or Kindle is a lesser product. It just means that Microsoft took the tablet platform and swan dove into first place. Here are a few reasons why. First, Windows 8, it's a completely new product from anything out there. It was designed to be all about the user and have an intuitive interface. Secondly is the construction, which is a completely new manufacturing process, called VaporMg (pronounced vapor mag) which pulls double duty by making the body lightweight and tough. It also makes the seemingly invisible kickstand a possibility. The kickstand itself is a game changer. Because of the VaporMg process it is virtually invisible when the Surface is being used as a tablet. Once the kickstand is out all it needs is the keyboard and voila, ultra book! This brings us to the third item, the keyboard. Microsoft designed a case for the Surface which is simultaneously logical and revolutionary. The case magnetically attaches itself, much like the iPad's does, but unlike any iPad case this one houses a complete keyboard and tracking pad in an impossible 3mms. The keys are pressure sensitive and even know to lock themselves when the case is closed over the Surface.

Apple had the future cornered with the iPad for play and the Mac Book Pro for work. Now the Microsoft Surface has turned all that around by being what looks to be the best of both worlds. Can't wait to get one of my own and all the cool new accessories to come.

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