Friday, December 30, 2011

AudioACTIVE will Give You a Nice Nudge in the Right Direction

At the beginning of every January, you can feel the energy of New Year resolutions at work. A new year, a new beginning, a new chance to finally quit, get into the habit of, or start something to hopefully change your life for the better.

I can't count how many times I've witnessed a ridiculous surge at the gym come January. And all of the department stores will conveniently have gym clothes, running shoes and workout equipment on sale. Clearly, getting into better shape seems to be a resolution that is shared amongst many people.

Personally, nothing eases the pains of visiting the gym or going for a run more than a good workout playlist. However, I've never been a fan of cables going all over the place or having to hold onto my MP3 player in my hand. I tried using an arm strap, but it wasn't for me and I still constantly struggled with keep cables away from flinging arms.

The AudioACTIVE Bluetooth Sports Headset by GOgroove is a great accessory to have for anyone with a workout routine, whether you're just starting out or are a gym veteran. These awesome and comfortable headphones connect to any device with Bluetooth capabilities, including mp3 players, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. During my morning workouts, I usually leave my iPhone in my locker during my workout.

What if I need to change a song? Not a problem, the AudioACTIVE has built-in controls to switch tracks, adjust volume, and play and pause music. What I also love is that if by some miracle there's another human being awake at 4:30 in the morning during my workout and they choose to call me, I can answer the phone call using the built-in microphone.

With a full charge, the AudioACTIVE can continuously play music for about six hours. Might be perfect for that 1/2 marathon that I may or may not run this April, depending if I can manage to run the whole thing, or end up walking after the first mile.

The AudioACTIVE will definitely give you a nice nudge in the right direction to being a healthier you in 2012.

Happy New Year! See you on the other side!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Keeping Your Sanity During Holiday Traveling

As I was getting ready for work this morning, the KTLA Morning News showed a live shot of the traffic going in and out of LAX airport. And I'm pretty sure I've never felt so relieved to not be catching a flight this holiday season. To give you an idea of what the airport looked like, picture a parking lot...with no cars leaving their parking space to make room for a new one.
If that's how many people were just trying to get into the airport, I can't imagine what a flight would be like today, or anytime during the next week. Last week I discussed some remedies for helping you survive being stuck in a car with people you love by default for entirely too long. So let's go over a few ideas for keeping your sanity while stuck in a plane full of crying babies and people's elbows invading your personal space.

Okay, maybe flying isn't as bad as I just made it seem. But it definitely won't be with these friendly flying tips!

First off, if you're heading to the airport anytime soon, make sure to give yourself a little cushion time and leave early. You never know if there will be a traffic jam, car trouble or anything else that might delay your arrival to the airport. And no, your plane will not wait for you if you're running a little late.

Once you've arrived, try to keep any essentials as carry-on. These include things that you will use during the flight, like your smartphone, mp3 player or tablet, as well as anything you will need in case your luggage is misplaced, like medication. Also, try to keep you the size of your carry-on to a minimum, as there will most likely be more people on your flight than normal and carry-on storage may be scarce.

If you're traveling with any wrapped gifts, make sure to pack them securely in luggage that will be checked-in. If you feel that you must carry a gift with you, don't wrap it. There's a chance that airport security will want to unwrap the items and inspect them. 

As far as flying comfortably, I believe that keeping yourself entertained is key. Make sure any electronics that you may use during the flight are fully charged and ready for use. If you're using a tablet and it's an especially long trip, I recommend investing in an external battery capable of charging your tablet, like a ReVIVE Series TwinPort, to provide you with a boost of battery life when you'll need it the most. The TwinPort will also charge any smartphone, mp3 player or eReader, in case you drain the battery on any of your other devices.

Hopefully this simple traveling tips will help you keep your sanity during the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year!

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Keeping Your Sanity on Your Way to Holiday Gatherings

The time has come--The good ol' holidays. The time of year where families come together from all corners of the world to eat, drink and celebrate. As enjoyable as spending time with family can be (for the most part), every year I dread traveling to wherever it is the family has decided to reunite.

Driving is a horrible experience in general for me. If you live in Los Angeles or a busy city like it, you understand that getting from Point A to Point B can very easily become a long and stressful process. And the more people in the car with you, the worse the experience can be.

But no matter how much I dislike traveling, when it comes to the holidays and spending it with my family, it's a sacrifice that must be made.

To alleviate travel stress and discomfort, here are a few items from that may help you keep your sanity while on the big open road.

A GPS system, or at the very least a navigation app on your phone, is absolutely essential. To help with keeping your eyes on the road and not on your lap or anywhere else your GPS system may be, I recommend investing in some type of GPS car mount, like the Professional Series GPS Vent Mount, that will attach your GPS system or smartphone to an air vent, making it easy to follow directions and safely reach your destination.

If you're driving long distance, an FM transmitter like the FlexSMART X2 is definitely in your best interest. Because you'll be driving through several area codes, it's pretty safe to assume that your favorite radio stations won't be readily available when you're three hours away from home and still have another two hours to go. The X2 will wirelessly connect with your smartphone, mp3 player or even your tablet through Bluetooth, and with the push of a button will find the best station in the area to play your favorite music without interference from the local stations.
Speaking of tablets, they're amazing for entertainment, whether by yourself or with a group of obnoxiously loud kids in the very back seat. Either way, installing your tablet in a car mount, like the USA Gear TabGRAB, is the perfect solution for creating an entertainment system in any car, especially if you connect your tablet to the FlexSMART X2. You can easily and securely mount practically any tablet on a TabGRAB and use it to watch a movie or browse the web!

 Smartphones are also a great source of entertainment if you don't have a tablet. But the battery life is just so horrible that you might hesitate using it for recreational purposes and not saving the battery for the emergency roadside call you might have to eventually make. Not to worry. Your DualFlux DC Charger will keep your phone's battery nice and charged, and is capable of charging two smaller devices simultaneously, like a smartphone or MP3 player. In addition, the DualFlux is also capable of charging several tablets, including the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

These and many other electronic accessories available at are sure to at least alleviate the pain of being stuck in a car for too many hours.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Smartphone Travel Tips for Alec Baldwin

Like Alec Baldwin, I'm a HUGE fan of Words With Friends. Unfortunately, you can't play that game on a plane as you have to be connected to a network. So what's the alternative to keeping yourself entertained on a 5-hour flight, since clearly you will be escorted of a plane for refusing to turn off your phone?

Why not try an app or game that you don't need a network connection to use?

On a recent flight to Las Vegas, I noticed that at least one person in every row was playing Angry Birds, either on their tablet or smartphone. And after asking around Accessory Genie headquarters to see what everyone's favorite games were, nearly everyone responded with Angry Birds first. This game is incredibly entertaining, and can make time fly by as you go through each level determined to continue onto the next.

Another application that is great for passing the time and can be used without a network connection is a Kindle App. Simply make sure that you've downloaded the book that you'd like to read and you're good to go!
I am personally a huge fan of good ol' fashion video games. I can easily spend hours playing Sudoku on my iPhone. Bubble Shooter and iJewels and are other favorites that I use frequently to pass the time, especially on long flights.

One huge problem with using your phone or tablet for entertainment is that it can quickly drain your it's battery life. A powerful external battery pack, like the TwinPort 5000mAh Portable External Battery Pack, is perfect for occasions when you don't have access to an AC or DC charging port.

Two USB ports allow you to charge two smartphones or MP3 players at the same time, and it's also capable of providing a charge to smaller tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, as well as the iPad and iPad 2.

For those of you who are always traveling and therefore using your smartphone or tablet's battery for entertainment, the TwinPort is the perfect accessory.

Also, make sure to take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING promotion this weekend at! Starting Saturday, Dec. 10 through Monday, Dec. 12, enjoy absolutely FREE SHIPPING on all your orders!

Just use the Promo Code 72SHIP at Checkout and enjoy!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Replacement Laptop Batteries to Keep Your Laptop Going

These are hard times, my friends. And anyone who tells you different is either lucky or blissfully ignorant. Nowadays, every dollar spent counts.

I remember a time when I could afford to buy a brand new laptop when my computer's battery died. I simply used it as an excuse to myself to upgrade. But that excuse is no longer valid. So when my laptop's battery died a couple of weeks ago, I momentarily went into panic mode because I simply could not afford to buy a new computer like I had done in the past.

After my dramatic episode, I realized that the solution was as easy as buying a replacement battery for my laptop. I knew it was going to cost me money, but nowhere near as much as it would have to replace my laptop all together.

I started out looking at the manufacturer's website for a replacement battery, but quickly discovered just how expensive a replacement laptop battery could be. Not willing to pay what I think was an absurd amount for a battery, I decided to look at the replacement laptop batteries we carry at

Finding the right battery at a great price was easy, too. I just looked at the model number of my original laptop battery and did a search for it on the Accessory Genie homepage. Another easy way to look up your laptop battery is by clicking the "Batteries" link on the homepage, and then clicking "Laptop Batteries." On this page, you will be able to look up your laptop battery by the manufacturer of your laptop. carries several batteries compatible with laptops by manufacturers including Toshiba, Dell, Sony, HP, Apple and more!

If you're in the market for a new battery for your laptop, or even your cell phone, camera, or camcorder, Accessory Genie is definitely a good place to start your search, especially if you're looking for quality and a decent price.