Friday, December 23, 2011

Keeping Your Sanity During Holiday Traveling

As I was getting ready for work this morning, the KTLA Morning News showed a live shot of the traffic going in and out of LAX airport. And I'm pretty sure I've never felt so relieved to not be catching a flight this holiday season. To give you an idea of what the airport looked like, picture a parking lot...with no cars leaving their parking space to make room for a new one.
If that's how many people were just trying to get into the airport, I can't imagine what a flight would be like today, or anytime during the next week. Last week I discussed some remedies for helping you survive being stuck in a car with people you love by default for entirely too long. So let's go over a few ideas for keeping your sanity while stuck in a plane full of crying babies and people's elbows invading your personal space.

Okay, maybe flying isn't as bad as I just made it seem. But it definitely won't be with these friendly flying tips!

First off, if you're heading to the airport anytime soon, make sure to give yourself a little cushion time and leave early. You never know if there will be a traffic jam, car trouble or anything else that might delay your arrival to the airport. And no, your plane will not wait for you if you're running a little late.

Once you've arrived, try to keep any essentials as carry-on. These include things that you will use during the flight, like your smartphone, mp3 player or tablet, as well as anything you will need in case your luggage is misplaced, like medication. Also, try to keep you the size of your carry-on to a minimum, as there will most likely be more people on your flight than normal and carry-on storage may be scarce.

If you're traveling with any wrapped gifts, make sure to pack them securely in luggage that will be checked-in. If you feel that you must carry a gift with you, don't wrap it. There's a chance that airport security will want to unwrap the items and inspect them. 

As far as flying comfortably, I believe that keeping yourself entertained is key. Make sure any electronics that you may use during the flight are fully charged and ready for use. If you're using a tablet and it's an especially long trip, I recommend investing in an external battery capable of charging your tablet, like a ReVIVE Series TwinPort, to provide you with a boost of battery life when you'll need it the most. The TwinPort will also charge any smartphone, mp3 player or eReader, in case you drain the battery on any of your other devices.

Hopefully this simple traveling tips will help you keep your sanity during the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year!

Happy Holidays!


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