Friday, December 9, 2011

Smartphone Travel Tips for Alec Baldwin

Like Alec Baldwin, I'm a HUGE fan of Words With Friends. Unfortunately, you can't play that game on a plane as you have to be connected to a network. So what's the alternative to keeping yourself entertained on a 5-hour flight, since clearly you will be escorted of a plane for refusing to turn off your phone?

Why not try an app or game that you don't need a network connection to use?

On a recent flight to Las Vegas, I noticed that at least one person in every row was playing Angry Birds, either on their tablet or smartphone. And after asking around Accessory Genie headquarters to see what everyone's favorite games were, nearly everyone responded with Angry Birds first. This game is incredibly entertaining, and can make time fly by as you go through each level determined to continue onto the next.

Another application that is great for passing the time and can be used without a network connection is a Kindle App. Simply make sure that you've downloaded the book that you'd like to read and you're good to go!
I am personally a huge fan of good ol' fashion video games. I can easily spend hours playing Sudoku on my iPhone. Bubble Shooter and iJewels and are other favorites that I use frequently to pass the time, especially on long flights.

One huge problem with using your phone or tablet for entertainment is that it can quickly drain your it's battery life. A powerful external battery pack, like the TwinPort 5000mAh Portable External Battery Pack, is perfect for occasions when you don't have access to an AC or DC charging port.

Two USB ports allow you to charge two smartphones or MP3 players at the same time, and it's also capable of providing a charge to smaller tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet, as well as the iPad and iPad 2.

For those of you who are always traveling and therefore using your smartphone or tablet's battery for entertainment, the TwinPort is the perfect accessory.

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