Monday, December 27, 2010

Photography and Camera Protection

Growing more popular by the day, photography is the science of capturing light onto different varieties of mediums. Unlike other forms of expression, it provides a real life image as seen through human eyes. By many, Photography is considered an art and a masterpiece can take a split-second to capture. The camera is the artist's paintbrush and several factors determine the quality of a picture.

Exposure is the amount of light collected by the camera sensor and determines whether the photo is going to be washed out or too dark. Two aspects which contribute to the outcome of exposure are shutter speed and aperture. Shutter speed is the amount of time the sensor is exposed to light and aperture is the size of the lens opening that lets light into the camera. Technology has come so far and most cameras have light meters that measure light in a given shot and set an ideal exposure. There are several different varieties of cameras, but the two main categories are digital point-and-shoot and digital SLR. Digital Camera technology has advanced drastically in the last several years and quality can often be determined by price.

Digital SLR cameras are considered the tool of choice for professional photographers and can cost thousands of dollars. Digital point-and-shoot cameras are intended to be more affordable and practical for everyday shooting. It is a common sight to see Digital point-and-shoot cameras at major sporting events, parties, vacations or reunions. Regardless of the price, the owners of these two different types of cameras often travel with their favorite photo capturing device. There are several different products available to help enable portability and protect these valuable "paintbrushes."

Camera bags and cases are the solution to this problem. Their styles and quality vary highly and provide different functions. The Gear S2 Pro isn't only stylish, but practical. It comes equipped with a detachable shoulder strap and has a built in belt loop for convenience and portability. To protect the valuable device inside, it has shock-absorbing inserts that shield impacts and a non-scratch inner lining keeps the outer finish of the camera looking brand new.

Smaller cases and bags like the Gear S2 Pro are adequate for point and shoot cameras, but the larger and more expensive DSLR's require something different. They are heavier and often used with multiple accessories for different types of shots. The USA GEAR Deluxe dSLR Zoom Bag is designed to provide complete protection for Nikon, Canon EOS, Pentax, Sigma, Olympus and Sony Alpha Digital SLR Cameras. It has a built-in internal suspension system to hold the weight of the camera and keep it elevated. As well, it has multiple layers of padding to keep your valuable investment safe inside. There are padded side compartments for lenses and multiple smaller compartments for any accessories. These bags are larger to compliment a bigger camera, but still have a shoulder strap and carry handle to make travel trouble-free.
Deluxe dSLR

Accessory Genie understands the importance of photography and how imperative it is to keep these valuable devices protected. The right bag or case can enable the photographer to safely travel with their camera and is a driving force behind being at the right place to capture that special shot.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Consumer Electronics

In recent years, we have seen a massive shift in consumer trends. The creation of personal electronic devices has revolutionized the market and caused consumer electronics to rise to the top of this year's Holiday wish list. This Holiday season, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimated that spending on consumer electronics will reach historic heights, despite a decline in overall gift spending. This is due in part to revolutionary advances being made in technology and the trend of ever falling prices. As a whole, we are becoming more sophisticated and increases in efficiency and production are making it possible for these Electronic Devices to be manufactured and distributed at an affordable price.

The cost of In-Home Entertainment Electronics has dropped severely over the last decade. The price of LCD and plasma TVs has been falling by thirty percent a year and are now a common addition to a household's living room. Other contributors to the growth of consumer electronics has been Laptops, Netbooks, Mp3 players, Smartphone's, iPods, Tablets and many more. The drivers of growth for these devices are personalization, mobility and connectivity.

GOgroove Panda Pal
Fifteen years ago, being mobile meant carrying around a ten pound radio and a cell phone the size of a brick. These devices have gradually become small enough to fit in ones palm and more advanced than ever imagined. Portable Audio speakers such as the Panda Pal are one example of how mobile technology has really become. This device ways less than a pound and can fill a room full of crisp music.

Smartphone's and iPods are the drivers for these portable speaker devices and have led to the creation of new fields of consumer electronics. Smartphone's enable people to be connected to the internet and their personal information at all times. This mix between personalization, mobility and connectivity has fueled the need to develop new technologies. Smartphone's and the majority of mobile devices run off lithium batteries and need to be charged daily. They have become a part of our society and are practically a necessity for daily life. The GOgroove Go-Charge is one example of how technology has been adapted to accommodate these new developments. It allows the user to remain connected to their mobile device by providing power in any necessary situation. It can provide power to these mobile devices Via AC, DC or with its built in 1500 Mah battery. Other devices such as Fm Transmitters go hand-in-hand with these mobile devices and eliminate the need for CD's in automobiles.

As technology advances, so do the accessories that go along with it. These advances have led to more complex and affordable electronics for the average consumer. You can expect Accessory Genie to stay on top of these developments and continue to produce accessories for the most popular consumer electronics.