Friday, March 6, 2015

Mouse Traps and Sticky Pads

Mouse Traps come in all different shapes and sizes. There are the classic ones you throw a piece of cheese on the end of and hope the critter doesn't outsmart you. There are also the humane traps that allow you to safely catch and release the mice. Lastly is the classic game Mouse Trap, which asks you to build a contraption to catch a mouse using a marble. Whatever the style of mouse trap you use, they all serve the same purpose - Catching a Mouse. These devices have proved useful up to this point, but we must all be prepared for the day the mice fight back. We at Accessory Genie have used A.I. to accelerate the inevitable. Introducing our newest computer mice in the ENHANCE Line of Gaming Products: the GX-M1w, GX-M2, GX-M3 and the GX-MP2 Mouse Pad.

The ENHANCE mice and mouse pad were built to fight, duck, dodge and shoot down opponents, no matter the gaming situation. They also serve as an aggressive online shopping tool, when time is of the essence. Each mouse is built with LED accents and all possess certain features to cater to a wide variety of individuals:
  • The GX-M1w works wirelessly and is built with an ergonomic body frame and rubberized surface for extra comfort.
  • The GX-M2 is equipped with an onboard memory that allows you to switch between four customer mouse profiles.
  • The GX-M3 cycles through four DPI and LED settings, while holding five removable 6.8 gram weights to customize the physical feel. 
  • The GX-MP2 is equipped with a large extended tracking surface, non-slip rubber base and an anti-fray stitched perimeter to increase the overall durability of the mouse pad
Whatever your situation, let these artificially intelligent mice enhance your computer setup. Don’t fall prey to yet another mouse trap. Grab the mouse by the horns and take control of your online experience. Visit today to see the full line of ENHANCE Computer Mice and Mouse Pads.

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