Friday, June 1, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumors are Running Rampant

All this week photos and videos claiming to be evidence of the new iPhone 5 have been popping up like photos of the Lochness Monster or Bigfoot once did. But this is nothing new. Every year the whispers start, then the fuzzy images, then the not so fuzzy images of what the next iPhone will look like. But unlike cryptids--like the Chupacabra or Jackalope--the next iPhone will in fact exist in a tangible way. The only uncertainty for now is when. So, while we wait for a set release date, let us indulge in the fuzzy features the rumor mills are cranking out.

So far they all seem to allege that the 6th generation iPhone will have a taller screen coming in at a hair under 4.0 inches. Sources are also agreeing that while the screen looks to be taller, that the width will remain the same. This would mean that the current 3.5-inch display with its resolution of 960x640 would be beefed up to 3.99 inches and a resolution of 1136x640 (the better to see HD video with!). If this is true, then the casing itself will have a complete redesign. Fortunately, Steve Jobs had a hand in this so whatever it looks like it will be gorgeous. Another design change sources are agreeing on is that the new iPhone will also be one of the thinnest ever. Sources are saying that Apple has achieved this by combining the iPhone's LCD screen and its touch sensors into one. As far as the backing goes, there are whispers of a new and improved Gorilla Glass that promises to be the most durable of them all.

In regards to what the iPhone will actually be made of some (perhaps less reputable sources) have suggested unicorn horn, but sources are claiming that it will be something far more sinister than that. Liquid Metal! Yep, just like the T-1000 in Terminator 2. Well, maybe not exactly but that's what I picture when I hear "Liquid Metal". Either way some say that a Liquid Metal iPhone is still just a concept. If is in fact a reality for the iPhone 5 then I'm reserving one ASAP. One thing that the new iPhone will potentially kill is the humble existence of the point-and-shoot camera. It's rumored to come equipped with an unheard of 10 megapixel camera because you know, why not?

As gorgeous and futuristic as this fantasy iPhone is looking, its sounding like it will have beauty and brains. Sources are saying that Apple will be powering one of the world's thinnest phones with iPad's A5X CPU Quad Core graphics. Quad core, that's twice as much as twice as much! With that much power potentially going into the new iPhone sources are guessing that the next logical upgrades will be the introduction of iOS 6 and an increase from the current 512MB to 1GB of RAM.

Like I said before, if this is all true then I want one. I will coddle it like an only child and buy it all the accessories it wants.

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