Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aftermarket vs OEM Batteries- Who Wins?

A big debate is over original equipment manufacturers versus aftermarket manufacturers. Many times people shopping look to buy a name brand battery for their electronic devices; often ignoring the aftermarket battery section. Shoppers worry aftermarket batteries are not made with the same standards of OEM batteries, do not last as long, cannot hold a charge, are flimsy, or unreliable. These are all major concerns, but doing the proper research can help you find the complete opposite of what was described above.

Aftermarket batteries are often made to charge and hold a charge longer than OEM batteries. They are often made with the same quality standards; making them nearly identical. Aftermarket batteries can be made superior to OEM batteries, and still cost less. This is the main reason aftermarket batteries sell; they are almost half the price of the OEM battery.

Aftermarket batter chargers are typically the same, if not better, than OEM battery chargers. The same reasons above apply to this.

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