Tuesday, August 18, 2009

High-Capacity AA Rechargeable Batteries – 2700 mAh Battery Life

Are you sick and tired of going through short lived batteries? Do you constantly see your batteries drained of power quickly without understanding why? Then we have the perfect solution for you, high-capacity 2700 mAh AA rechargeable batteries.

New technology allows for AA batteries to have a higher capacity 2700 milliamp hours. What does this mean for consumers? Battery users can expect longer battery life, more charges, and longer run time.

The new batteries offered by Accessory Genie are called TRUCell batteries. The TRUCell 2700 mAh AA batteries are enhanced rechargeable batteries with a highest capacity milliamp hours. These batteries will extend the life of your electronics, offering you more use per battery. Your electronics will last longer than they would with regular AA batteries.

The batteries are safer for the environment that regular batteries because they are rechargeable, up to 100 times! You will get 1,000 batteries in one battery! This reduces waste and helps keep the environment cleaner.


  1. I recently purchased these batteries and love them! They last twice as long as my old batteries did and they are rechargeable! What more can an eco friendly person ask for?

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