Friday, May 28, 2010

College Student Guide to having a Fun Dorm Room

College Student’s Guide to having a fun Dorm Room

By: Jackson Kaplan

In all of the College Student Articles I will tell you what you want to have, why and I will give some extra tips. I am trying to supply the college students of today with a little bit of help for their first "college experience".
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What you will want:


Music and Speakers

Open Door


Video camera


If at all possible, have someone in your dorm room in possession of a laptop.
There are so many things that can be done with a laptop to kill hours of time.
For example, Youtube and Facebook are things that every person has something special on,
whether it is a new hilarious video, or a new game on Facebook. You do not realize how much a
laptop can allow you to connect with people who you would otherwise have little, or nothing to say to.
BE SURE to have a plug close by though, cause you can drain your battery fairly quickly.


I have found that if you have music constantly playing at a background level, it is very enjoyable.
In my dorm room there is never true silence, which I personally like.
I have a set of speakers for my iPod that I got for pretty cheap, and they work amazingly.
Another added bonus is that my roommate has a set of computer speakers .
They plug directly into any headphone jack and the3y have two speakers and a subwoofer.
We also have a USB speakers , so that if we want to be on the laptop on the bed,
we can still blast our music if we want to.

Open door policy

In my room about 90% of the time our door is propped open; the only times when its not are when
we are sleeping or not in the room. I have found that a lot of people, who are passing by that
know us, will occasionally just stop in our room to talk. They also, sometimes, hear the music
and it reminds them that we are in there so they come in and say hi. This is a great way to meet
people also. If you have music playing and an open door people are more likely to say hello, even if they don’t know you yet.


Though this may not seem like a big deal to have, but when people are constantly coming in and
out of your room, you never know when there is going to be a moment that you feel you must capture.
For example, I was sitting in my room yesterday and my friend walked in with a sheet of paper,
attempting to look like a ghost, and stood in the corner of my room waiting for my roommate.
Had I not had a charged camera, no one would believe that story. Keep your camera close at all times,
because you will want to remember the moments that you have while sitting in your room.

Video Camera

I know that a lot of cameras can shoot video, but it is always good to have someone
in your room in possession of a video camera. You never know what people will do when
they realize they are being recorded. It is a great way to capture the essence of your room, and find out hidden talents
that your friends have. On top of that, if you are all just hanging out you never know what conversations might arise that you will be glad you recorded.
This was a realization we made after the first month of school. We found ourselves saying "Wow I wish we had a recording of this" way too often to not get a video camera.

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