Friday, March 25, 2011

Finding YOUR Perfect Tablet

If youre like me, you have no idea what details and specifications to look out for when buying a tablet. So before going shopping, I decided to ask someone who would know what to look out for: Alex Rocha, Senior Business Development Manager at Accessory Power. The details a person prefers their tablet to have varies depending on what their wants and needs are, Alex says. Here are some specifications he believes tablet hunters should look into.


Tablet screen sizes range anywhere from 7-inches to 10-inches. Like many reviewers, Alex believes that size is a significant factor, saying When buying a tablet, shoppers should consider where they will be using their tablets the most and for what. Avid movie and TV fans would probably prefer a bigger screen for a more enjoyable viewing experience, like the iPad 2 or Motorola Xoom , while someone who is always on-the-go might prefer a more compact and lightweight tablet, like the BlackBerry Playbook or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Performance and Storage

For tablets, performance refers to a tablets speed and memory. A tablets processing speed and memory capacity is the decisive factor regarding how your tablet performs. If youre interested in running several apps simultaneously, like listening to music while browsing the web, or if you plan to use your tablet when playing games or to watch videos, a stronger processor would ensure the best performance. With its Dual-core 1GHZ processor, Motorola Xoom is arguably a great option for fast and efficient performance.

Depending on what youll mostly be using your tablet for, storage space can be a significant factor, Alex says. For example, if youre planning on downloading a number of apps, music, and movies, more storage space may be of interest to you.


Although WiFi can be found on most tablets, other connections, like Bluetooth capabilities HDMI-out capabilities that allow you to connect your tablet to an HD TV or computer monitor, arent included in many tablets. These features are nice to have but arent necessarily for the everyday user, Alex explains.

3G connections are also important to take into consideration when buying a tablet, especially if youre planning on using the tablet when youre on-the-go and not restricted to locations where there is a WiFi signal. Some tablets offer cellular connectivity through wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, t-Mobile, and Sprint. Again, this feature is nice to have but may not be worth the monthly payments if youre tablet is always within WiFi range.


Availability of apps is also an important feature to keep in mind. Depending on the tablets operating system (OS), the number and types of apps available for a tablet will vary. Although all operating systems have a variety of apps available, You should keep in mind that Android OS and iOS (Apples operating system) are the most developed and offer the largest selection of apps, Alex comments.

All of these factors are important to keep in mind when on the hunt for the perfect tablet for you. But before you go visit stores, do a little bit of homework. Decide for what and where you would most often be using the tablet, and make a list of what features you want, and which you think you need. This will hopefully make finding the right tablet for you an enjoyable adventure.

Whichever tablet you decide fits your wants and needs best, Accessory Genie has the perfect case, stand, or any other accessories!

Happy hunting!


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