Friday, June 24, 2011

Loving (and Hating) Our Smartphones

By the time I was due for an upgrade on my wireless plan, I felt like everyone around me was with the times with their smartphones, while I was stuck with my dinosaur of a phone, T9 texting and all. I was ecstatic to go and buy myself my new phone, especially since I knew exactly what I wanted: a brand new iPhone 4. I get that with smartphones, especially with Android and iPhones, you either love a phone or hate it. But I had my reasons for wanting that phone, just like everyone else has their reasons.
With this in mind, I decided to go around and ask my coworkers at Accessory Genie what phones they have and how they feel about them. Surprisingly, many of my coworkers were like me, and had upgraded to their first smartphone.
Julie was one of these. She had an LG Vu, which was incredibly outdated and difficult to deal with. So one day while shopping at Costco, she decided to stop by the cell phone booth and check out her options, and decided to go with the Samsung Captivate. Why did this phone stick out the most to her? "It was free," she says, with the updated plan, of course.

For the most part, she loves her phone. She was especially sold when the salesperson compared its screen to that of a Samsung TV, in terms of resolution. She doesn't like that her phone will randomly turn off on its own, or that the buttons don't work like she wants them to all of the time. "Sometimes the buttons don't work when I press them, and sometimes they're too sensitive," she explains.

Having more of an interest in the technical qualities of the phone, Kyle upgraded to his Palm Pre primarily because of the promise that the phone would eventually have Flash, and is very disappointed that promise was never fulfilled. But a plus from his phone is that it's easy to program. "I've been able to install programs that I've created," he says. He also likes the keyboard aspect because he hates the idea of typing on a touch screen.

Like Kyle, Rachael was convinced that she would hate using an all-touch screen phone. "I loved my BlackBerry and wanted to upgrade to a Torch but was talked out of it by the salespeople," she explains. Instead she was talked into getting a HTC Inspire, and she says it was a great decision. She loves how big the screen is and how easy the phone is to navigate through. It's also really fast, which is great for all the fun apps I use." The negatives? According to her, the phone doesn't have the best battery life, and the speaker volume when on calls isn't very loud. But overall, Rachael says, "I'm obsessed with my phone."

Like Rachael, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I love everything about my iPhone 4 and really believe that it is worth every penny I spent on it. We all have preferences, and when the time comes to upgrade again, who knows what phone I'll be interested in next.

Whatever phone you are proud to have, keep in mind that Accessory Genie has the accessories you need!


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