Friday, September 23, 2011

Feminine Style in a Tech World

In a world of black, grey, and occasionally white smartphones, the HTC Rhyme, announced earlier this week, is a welcomed feminine addition to what many would think of as a man's world. Aside from being purple, the new HTC also comes with several accessories, including a charm that plugs into the Rhyme's headphone jack and glows when it receives calls and texts - perfect for noticing an incoming call or text when the phone is tucked away in a purse and the vibrations or ringtones are unnoticeable.
As a girl very much involved in the tech world, I sometimes get frustrated with the lack of feminine products available and can definitely appreciate when a product is specially geared towards women. For a moment, I considered switching to Verizon Wireless just so I could have a purple phone with a fantastic little charm attached to it, among the other accessories it comes with. Only for a moment though, until I realized that aside from the girly-ness of the phone, it wasn't worth the cost.

I realize that being more prone to purchasing items with a feminine feel can be a dangerous habit to have. And I know that not all women are like this. But its nice when electronic devices and accessories are designed and manufactured to fit a woman's needs (even if it does only look good.) This is why I'm such a fan of the new Renee Michelle PADfolio.

Before purchasing this case for my iPad, it was being kept safe in a plain black sleeve while a debated whether $100 was worth spending on a designer iPad folio case. Even though the case was beautiful, I went back and forth for a month whether I could justify spending that much money on something that would simply hold my tablet.
Then I saw the PADfolio, and the debate was over! The PADfolio provides a very secure and stylish home for my iPad. It comes in ivory or black with metallic accents, making my iPad fun to carry around, and making me look less like a nerd. The chic design easily goes from meetings at the office, to joining friends for dinner or drinks after work.

What's also great about the PADfolio is that it completely replaces my purse and/or briefcase most days. A small pouch located on the left hand side is great for storing my reading glasses, pens and pencils, my keys, and of course the occasional lip gloss. It also has a document slot that holds any papers or notebooks I need. The PADfolio comes in two sizes, which are compatible with the Apple iPad, iPad 2, HP TouchPad, Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other tablets and e-readers.

Had tablets been around while I was in college, it would have been perfect for class taking to class as well.  However, I love using it for work, and it comes especially handy when I'm on travel, making my carry-on less bulky and much easier (and cuter) to carry.

Now if only I could get my hands on the HTC Rhyme's charm...


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