Friday, January 13, 2012

Enhancing Your Electronics Experience

Among all of the funny, entertaining and just plain weird articles that I read this week regarding CES, a particular Mashable article by Peter Pachal stuck out the most to me. In the article, Pachal mentioned that for the most part, instead of companies focusing on the latest and greatest technical specs and details, they instead focused their attention on the experience that their product could offer a consumer. "All over CES 2012 I saw a shifting of focus from hyping technological achievements to painting a picture of what those devices really offer," he explained

As a Marketing and Public Relations major in college, I couldn't help but think of how true that is in terms of marketing as well. Think about it. When you watch a commercial on TV, what it will try to sell you on is the overall experience that specific product might be able to provide.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten teary eyed over a Folgers commercial. Feeling the same thing that the people in the commercial are feeling seems like a great concept. And the possibility that drinking a cup of Folgers coffee in the morning may help me get there makes it pretty appealing. Even though I already know that I don't really care for the coffee so much.

Or how about a television cable commercial? I saw one the other day that showed a rich family enjoying their million dollar condo in a big city somewhere, only showing cable in use for all of two seconds, if that. But maybe if I purchase that specific cable plan, I'll look as happy and carefree as the family in the commercial.

Instead of trying to sell people on the latest and greatest gadgets, companies are selling experiences, ways to enhance your life in some way. Selling electronic accessories, I believe that it's our responsibility at Accessory Genie to provide you with quality electronic accessories that will only further enhance your experiences.

And it doesn't just stop with our gadgets. We like to make your buying experience with us a comfortable, easy and memorable one. When purchasing items from Accessory Genie, you can expect great customer service if you have any questions with the transaction, about your shipment, or about the product itself once you've received it!

We're here to make your consumer electronics experience a great one as a whole. So if there's any questions, comments or concerns you have, please let us know!


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