Friday, January 11, 2013

Having a Mouse in your House isn't all that Bad

Seeing that the holidays are over and "real life" has started again, I decided to take down all my Christmas decorations. I gathered the artificial tree and wreath, the lights on the outside of the house, the stockings and the ornaments in one pile. Then I went to the garage to put them away.

Now, mind you: I was feeling like a million dollars because I usually wait to do this until mid-February. I put on the garage light and out of the corner of my eye, I see "something" dash behind a box to another box in the corner. "Oh no!" I thought. I have a mouse in my house!

Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse for Laptops
Mice are the worst - ok, maybe rats are worse - because they breed like crazy! According to Pets World For Kids, these mammals can give birth every three weeks having up to 12 offspring each time!  Do the math: that's over 200 babies per year! Yes, I know, a little more information that you wanted to know about mice, but who knows - you may be able to use this in a science class at some point!

I ran to my roommate and told him there's a mouse and what did he do? He proceeded to make a joke out of it saying, "Of course, we do. We have this really cool wireless mouse that makes using the laptop easier." ....absolutely no help at all!  At least that was my initial thought.

After getting my heart rate back to normal, I decided to use that very Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse to go online to see which traps are recommended to catch a mouse. Just because my roommate made a point of talking about the mouse for the laptop, I noticed how useful it is. I feel that I can search items quicker than using the touchpad. Isn't that ironic: using a mouse to get rid of a mouse?

So until my mouse problem is taken care of, I guess my Christmas decorations will stay in my house for a bit longer; hopefully not until mid-February again!

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