Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Outdoor Deals For Your New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is in full swing and we're already halfway through January. Can you believe it? Many New Year’s resolutions have been floating around- many highlighted by an outdoors theme. Here at Accessory Genie, we have been listening and are very happy to offer a great deal on some of our best camping and outdoor products. Simply use the coupon code 'REVIVENOW' to receive 15% off at checkout on the following items listed below:

The ENHANCE NIGHTLUXFL2 Portable Hand Crank Powered Outdoor, Indoor and Emergency LED Flashlight and Lantern
The NIGHTLUX FL2 is perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Take it camping and hiking, store it in your vehicles glove box, stock it in an emergency and first aid kit and much more. The FL2 allows two forms of charging: charge via USB or use the self powered hand crank. It is equipped with two brightness modes and comes with a slim, lightweight design and convenient carabineer clip for hanging and carrying.

The ENHANCE NIGHTLUXEXP Emergency Ready Hand Crank Lantern and LED Flashlight with 2 Switch Brightness Mode
The NIGHTLUX EXP is a portable wind-n-go 65 lumen lantern and LED flashlight for emergency use, first aid kits and more. Like the FL2, it has two brightness modes and two forms of charge, eliminating the need for batteries. With an expanding center, the EXP quickly and easily changed from flashlight to lantern.

The Solar ReStorePX6000 Power Bank Charger / The Solar ReStore Panel 360mA with Active USB 5V Charging / The Solar ReStore Foldable, Instant Solar Charging USB Panel / The ReVIVE Backup Pocket Power Bank and 5000mAh Battery Solar Charger
Our line of ReVIVE Solar Chargers are the perfect accessories for any outdoor activity or camping trip. Simply use the power of the sun and have instant charge for all tablets, smartphones, cameras and more. Equipped with dual USB ports, these chargers are easy to use and quickly fold up for all your on-the-go needs.

The FlexARMOR D55 is a cushioned duraneoprene sleeve that protects your device from impacts, drops and bumps. With a Velcro flap for easy access and an included carabineer clip for hanging, the D55 makes traveling easy and convenient. The D55 is the perfect accessory for your cellphone, 2-way radio and camera while you enjoy the outdoors.

The Solar PoweredBackpack with 2,400mAh Battery Charger Pack for Smartphones and More!!
The Solar Powered Backpack is the perfect solution for providing your electronic devices with quick and efficient power when you need it most. It combines functionality, style and comfort all in one complete package. The built-in 6 watt solar panel utilizes impressive new solar technology that charges the battery pack solely from sunlight. The 20 liter case boasts a large interior compartment with plenty of storage space and plenty of additional pockets to carry all you need for your outdoor activities.

Remember to use coupon code ‘REVIVENOW’ at checkout to receive the 15% discount!

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