Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School

Back to school time can be exciting, terrifying and/or sad occasion for a variety of different people. Parents are excited to send their kids back to school to enhance their learning experience. That feeling coincides with the fact that their children will now be tired after a long day of learning instead of bouncing off the walls on summer vacation. The terrifying feeling comes from the children starting their first day at a new school. New environment, new friends and new teachers can be a daunting feeling for some. Lastly the sad feeling comes from the rest of the children and teachers who must come to the realization that their summer vacation has finally ended. Building upon the ‘Back to School Spirit,’ we’ve decided to provide some school related fun facts! I promise these are all exciting, terrifying and sad facts about school – WHAT A GREAT READ!!!

  • School bus yellow is a color that was formulated specifically for school buses in 1939
  • About 480,000 yellow school buses take 25 million children to school every day
  • The average family spends an average of nearly $700 on back to school items every year
  • Crayola produces nearly 3 billion crayons each year
  • Crayola comes in 120 colors
  • The largest high school in America is Morton High School In Illinois with more than 8,000 students
  • In 1995, approximately 50% of American schools had Internet access. Today, its 100%

With all this new found knowledge about the insecurities and excitement of back to school time coupled with these fun facts, be sure to check out to get that student, teacher or parent a nice surprise to let them know you are thinking about them!!!

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