Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cellular Phone Batteries

Did you know that Accessory Genie carries the largest selection of cellular phone batteries? We have replacement batteries for over 2o cell phone companies. Our batteries come with a three year warranty and are backed by Accessory Genie's quality control standards. Whatever phone carrier and model you have, we are sure to have a battery for it.

It is a smart idea if you use your cell phone a lot to have a spare battery. If you have the new iPhone or anyother cell phone that has a large, vibrant LCD screen on all the time will drain the battery quite fast. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to missing that important phone call.

We carry replacement batteries for: - Audiovox - HTC - Hyundai - Kyocera - LG / LGIC - Motorola - NEC - Nextel - Nokia - Palm - Panasonic - Pantech - Qualcomm - Rim Blackberry - Samsung - Sanyo - Sharp - Sidekick - Siemens - Sony / Ericsson - Touchpoint cell phones.

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