Monday, March 23, 2009

Universal Charger can Charge 100 Different Batteries

Here at Accessory Genie we are proud to introduce our newest battery charger. This is no ordinary battery charger; this is a universal charger that can charge AA and AAA Batteries along with over 100 different camera batteries. This is the perfect deceive for anyone who has lots of cameras, batteries, or needs to organize their camera bag. You will never have to carry different battery chargers for each camera battery. You can now bring along Accessory Genie's Universal Charger and charge all your batteries.

The universal battery charger has a status display showing when the batteries are done charging and are ready for use. It also includes both AC and DC power adapters so you can use it at home or on the go in your car. Four interchangeable plates are used to switch from different camera battery fittings. A clever little device brought to you courtesy of Accessory Genie.

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