Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet the Koala Pal!

The GOgroove Koala Pal has finally joined the Accessory Genie family! Much like its friendly and loved relative, the Panda Pal, the Koala Pal is a compact and deceiving speaker system designed to play audio from your favorite electronics, including tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and more!

Yes I called it deceiving. For an item of its size and shape, I expected the music coming out of it to be something my 3 year old nephew would appreciate much more than I ever could. Then I tested the product out, and instantly fell in love. It's pretty entertaining to listen to the amazing-ness that is Lady Gaga playing out of the cutest little speaker you could think of, and the sound quality blow your mind.

Through its 3.5mm cable "tail", the Koala Pal plugs into your audio player of choice to deliver surprisingly amazing sound. Adding to its versatility, the Koala Pal can be powered through a USB port (cable included) or by three AAA batteries. I replaced my boring desktop speakers at work with my Koala Pal, and it's significantly much more pleasant to have an adorable face look at me as it plays music to get me through the day.

On Friday afternoons, I simply unplug KoKo (yes, I named my Koala Pal) and take it with me for my weekend activities. It has completely replaced the bulky stereo system I used to take to the beach or to the park simply because it delivers the same sound quality but is so much easier to travel with!

You may not know that the koala's survival is currently threatened due to habitat loss, brush fires and disease. To encourage Koala Pal owners to take action, the Koala Pal's manufacturer, Accessory Power, has also added in an informational snippet to the Koala Pal's packaging and instruction manual to raise awareness of the Australian Koala Foundation. To find out how you could support this non-profit organization in its mission to save the wild koala and its habitat, you can visit

I couldn't be happier with my Koala Pal, as a portable speaker and as my desktop companion, and I look forward to seeing what other friendly companions GOgroove comes out with next!


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