Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to School

Alright parents, we know you love your kids and they're the best and the smartest and you're oh so proud of them.  Your car has the "My kid is an HONOR STUDENT at Lincoln Elementary" sticker to prove it.  But let's be honest, aren't you glad summer is finally over and those wonderful model citizens of the future get to be on someone else's clock?  It's perfectly OK to admit that the phrase Back to School gives you a sense of relief.  So I'm certain you've guessed by now that today's post is all about cool, affordable Back to School gear for your current or potential honor student. 

First up we have the Enhance ErgoPROP stand that works with laptops and tablets.  Just like sitting too close to the TV is bad for little Billy, so is slouching over a laptop screen.  The ErgoPROP has an adjustable riser that helps raise the screen to the perfect, ergonomically correct viewing height. 

Next is the WireFree Bluetooth keyboard.  Pair the WireFree with your tablet for more efficient typing or use it in conjunction with the ErgoPROP for a safe and comfortable homework setup.  Anything you can do to make book reports a little less scary. 

And lastly we have the Enhance Touch Screen Joystick, because every kid needs a reward after they've finished their homework!  The joystick attaches to any tablet screen for that old school arcade feel.  It's also available in a mini version for touchscreen smart phones.  But if you get them the mini version we can't promise your kid won't end up in detention for playing video games in class.

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