Friday, September 7, 2012

Which candidate will you choose?

It's time to weigh the candidates.  No, not the Presidential candidates, the tablet candidates.   The current leader is the Apple iPad which has been the leader in tablets since it's release in 2010.  Many slates and tablets from several companies followed soon thereafter but none has come close until now. 

This week Amazon announced the new line of Kindles including the all-new Kindle Fire HDs.  Typical reaction would be cheers for improved ereaders and high-quality, affordable media devices, which it was, but this time Amazon showed up to the game with an ace up it's collective sleeve.  That ace is the Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE.  Go ahead and grumble that a Kindle is no iPad but see the facts and then decide.  So let's compare the two and weigh our decision.

Apple's iPad has a 9.7 inch display with 264 ppi, Kindle Fire HD is slightly smaller at 8.9 inches with 254 ppi.  Kindle wins in storage by offering 32GB for the same price Apple charges for the 16GB iPad.  Both offer 4G LTE data services with Kindle offering one year of LTE service at $50 a year for 250MB a month.  Both iPad and Kindle support Wi-Fi, but Kindle has MIMO (multiple input/multiple output).  MIMO increases the number of antennas at both the transmitter and receiver, which transfers more data without the need for more power or bandwith, making for less dropped connections and faster streaming.  Kindle has a 1.52Ghz dual-core chip, where as Apple runs an Apple dual-core A5X.  Camera and battery life are still up in the air since Amazon has yet to release specs.  Apple, as always, wins in apps.  But here's where it gets good.  The starting price for a new iPad 4G with 32GB of storage, same as the Kindle Fire, is $729.  Compare that to $499 for the Kindle Fire 4G LTE. 

When it comes to choosing your new tablet weigh your options and keep in mind that choosing between these two will make you part of either Android's OS or Apple's IOS party. 

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