Monday, February 18, 2013

Keeping Up with Technology (sorry, Kardashians)

I did not realize how "out of it" I was with technology until I was told about this Bluetooth Audio Adapter and Receiver! My first question was "what does that do?"  Luckily, there was a teenager around who educated me. For those of you out there who are just as bad as me (but are in denial), let me explain to you what such a device is capable of doing.

GOgroove BlueGate Wireless Bluetooth A2DP Audio Adapter & Receiver
A bluetooth receiver is able to pair your bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, etc) to a speaker. It's basically the "middle man" to ensure you can hear your favorite tunes nice and loud if you do not want to wear headphones. For example, you are in a car. You pair your device to the receiver. Next, you plug  the receiver into the AUX line-in port and voilĂ .! You have great sound!

But here's the cool part: you can ALSO connect your wired headphones - those that ARE NOT bluetooth - to it! There's a 3.5mm Audio Coupler that allows you to connect a wired headphone to the receiver to make it wireless (ie: bluetooth). Now you can listen to your music privately and still be able to move around without having the smartphone, tablet or MP3 player attached to you!

Yes, I know you probably think I'm ridiculous for getting so excited about something that probably most of the world knows, but, hey, at least I can say "I'm down!"

Check out GOgroove Bluegate, an Audio Adapter & Receiver, that is on sale now! Soon, you will understand my excitement!

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