Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PowerUP like Toad from Super Mario

ReVIVE PowerUP 3P - Rapid Car Charger with a DC Outlet & Dual USB Ports - Click Image to CloseDo you remember Toad from Super Mario? He is the little guy with the mushroom hat? Princess Peach's attendant? The guardian of the Mushroom Kingdom?  Ok, how about the red mushroom itself? Whenever you needed to get larger you would grab it, and instantly, you would transform into a bigger character.  Then there was the green mushroom that made you POWERUP by giving you an extra life. Basically, the ReVIVE PowerUP 3P is just like this...but a bit better!

This 3-port charger works via DC outlet - perfect for when you are driving from place to place. There are 2 USB ports and an additional DC plug. With 2 amps, it is possible to charge multiple devices quickly. The plug can be folded making it the perfect travel companion. Most importantly, the 3P also comes with a built-in fuse (plus a spare) to safeguard against surges as an added level of protection.

Though it cannot make you bigger where you can fight Bowser and Koopa Troopa, you can still ensure that you have enough power on the go!

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