Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tick, Tock. What's up with that Clock???

Technology has come such a long way! Remember when you used to tell time by looking at the sky and seeing the position of the sun?  Or how about watching a candle burn? Ok, I am NOT that old, but I have to say that time has changed a lot during my years (yes, pun intended!).

You can tell time by looking at your watch, the microwave, the DVD player, your computer or tablet, your cell phone, in your car, etc. Basically, you really do not have an excuse nowadays to not know the time! But throw in a clock that can tell the indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, the date, as well as wake you up - well, now you have a thing of genius!!!  Introducing the ENHANCE Weather Clock!

ENHANCE Ambient Weather Station and Digital Alarm Clock with Color LED Display - Click Image to Close
The best thing about this weather clock is that it does the job of many devices: alarm clock, barometer, thermometer and calendar!  It accurately gages the barometric air pressure changes to give a 24-hour weather forecast.  There are four images (rain, sun, partly cloudy or cloudy) that light up to give you an indication of the weather.  The alarm clock comes with a snooze button. Use with the AC adapter or AAA batteries (bateries not included).

All I can say is "thank you, technology!"for always making my life easier! Get this clock for nearly half off until 11th March 2013!

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