Monday, July 1, 2013

The pleasures that come out of technology

Technology has made life so much easier! There is no more hassle of visiting locations to "hand in an application" or looking through the Classified ads. The days of going to the library to look in an encyclopedia are behind us. You can check your email in a waiting room, watch a movie while standing on the subway and book a flight to visit Mount Vesuvius while laying on the beach! Oh yes, technology is great....and it has just gotten better! Now, you can even listen to music from your smartphone and answer phone calls with your headphones with the GOgroove AudiOHM HFs.

The AudiOHM HF is exactly what you need if you are someone who loves music and does not want to miss a phone call! There are 3 sizes of silicone ear gels that can work for any user. The enhanced voice detection technology microphone ensures that those on the other end can hear you clearly! Answer the call with a touch of a button. As for the sound, the clear highs and deep bass makes you forget where you are; all you hear is the beat of your favorite song! What started off with three colors (black, blue, and red), now has three additional colors: purple, pink, and lime green/yellow. The latter three which are on sale this week with the promo code in our newsletter.

Even though technology has made life easier, do not take the simplicities of life for granted. You should still take that walk down the block, instead of driving. If you are feeling sick, visit a doctor. There's only so much WebMD can help you with! But when you have the ability to "kill two birds with one stone" (in terms of headphones/earpiece), then the GOgroove AudiOHM HF is the only way to go! Want to be in the know about more great deals like this? Sign up for our Weekly Newsletter and you'll be the first to know about new products, special discounts, exclusive promotions and more!

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