Friday, April 13, 2012


It's Friday the 13th, believed by many to be a day of bad omens and catastrophe. To add to that we have had torrential rain, thunder and lightning here in "always" sunny southern California. Normally, this would make for an exceptionally dreary day. Not this time! I took to our Twitter @AccessoryGenie and started a contest. The rules are simple, tweet us with your best #IDestroyedMyEarbudsWhen story include #AudiOHM and get entered into a drawing to win an awesome pair of AudiOHM Earbuds. I have to tell you, this was the best idea I've had all week. The replies have been phenomenal! They've also managed to brighten my otherwise dreary, possibly catastrophic Friday the 13th. Here's a sampling of some of the tweets we've received.

Anissa-"My dog ate them, now she is listening to Sting all the time."

Susan-"My cat is obsessed with my earbuds...he drags them around. The last time he dragged them into the litter box!"

Sarah-"They fell out of my shopping bag right after I bought them & then I backed over them w/ my car."

Mike-"Dancing in the bathroom and they went in the toilet :( how sad is that?"

As you can see so far we've learned to keep our earbuds away from pets and moving cars. As far as those who have dropped them in the toilet, off the side of a cruise ship, or purposely annihilated their earbuds in a moment of rage because they kept falling out I suggest investing in a pair of AudiOHM Earbuds immediately! These are by far the best earbuds I have ever used. The sound coming out of these little guys is amazing. That's because of the AP Noise-Isolation and Sonus Max sound which makes for crystal-clear audio. The Neodymium Magnetic Components along with the resonance chamber makes these little guys boom with bass which in my opinion is what always seems to be missing from other earbuds. Add to that the ergonomic shape and design in which the earpiece is angled 45 degrees into your ear with interchangeable silicon earpieces in 4 sizes to give you a perfectly cushioned fit and you never have to worry about your earbuds falling out again. After all that you probably are thinking they sound amazing, I want a pair right now! Guess what? They're on SALE! That definitely makes this Friday the 13th a lucky one. Unless a black cat crosses your path after you dropped your earbuds and uses them as a chew toy.

That's just a taste of the replies that we've been receiving. If you want to see all of them or better yet add your own story and be entered to win a free pair of AudiOHM Earbuds follow us on Twitter @AccessoryGenie.

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