Friday, April 6, 2012

Project Glass- The Future is Now. Really, it is!

Google announced Project Glass and with it gave the world a sneak peek at what our interconnected world can/will look like in an "augmented reality". That is quite literally having your friends, family, updates, notifications, playlists, texts, calls etc. accessible in your line of sight. Making this possible is a frame not unlike those of regular wraparound glasses. But unlike regular glasses, these have no lenses. Instead they have a small glass screen on the upper right side next to what looks like a Bluetooth type housing. From what the demo video shows these will be equipped with A.I. software. The artificial intelligence software is what makes the seemingly intuitive features and voice commands come to life.

As I said before though, this is just an announcement--a sneak peek into what Project Glass may deliver in the very near future. Currently the frames being sported by Google co-founder Sergy Brin are just prototypes, but, if Google has their way, we may be lining up to buy our own pair as early as this Christmas.

For those of you that have seen the Project Glass video (shot from the wearer's POV) and have now been left wishing to live in a Bluetooth world here is a gadget to hold you over.

The GOgroove FlexSmart Smartphone All-in-One turns your car into your very own Cobra control center (for those of you who remember G.I. Joe, wink). This device plugs into your car's DC outlet allowing you to centrally mount your Smartphone. The flexible neck and rotating head allow you to adjust the positioning and the USB port located in the unit can be used to charge any USB enabled device. What really makes this hands-free device sing is the FM Transmitting Chipset which allows you to play music from your device through your car speakers. Even cooler, when you receive a call the music fades out (ooh) to allow you to take the call sans hands through your car speakers. Once your call is completed the music fades back in (ahh). Not just that, they'll save you from any fines for fumbling with your phone while driving. Besides, you think they're going to allow people to drive while wearing Google glasses? Doubtful.

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