Friday, April 20, 2012

What will you do?

This Sunday April 22nd is Earth Day. A day that will be observed by some 500 million people in 175 countries. For the past 42 years individuals and entire communities have been observing Earth Day as a way to promote individual and social change in environmental policy as well as learning and adopting environmentally friendly habits. Such as taking your own reusable shopping bags to the store, switching to energy efficient appliances, starting a compost bin or changing out old light bulbs for halogen bulbs. All of these are things that you may have already done or are in the process of doing. Maybe you want to get a little more involved, creative or maybe even irrational. In that case you could switch to a lamp that shuts off every time you close your eyes. This of course is accomplished by hooking up electrodes to your face that allow the lamp to read slight muscle movements, which is the irrational part. Maybe you want to go off the grid a little. If so try the bamboo iPod dock which uses a cut length of bamboo as a speaker by using the bamboo's own natural resonance without the use of electricity.

For most of us lending a hand to the environment is easiest done when it's a win-win. For example, energy-efficient appliances equal lower utility bills. So what's an easy, practical and environmentally friendly way we can help? How about using rechargeable batteries? Every year Americans throw out about 2.5 billion batteries which once they start to corrode will make up for more than 80% of the mercury in the waste stream. That's the scary eco-fact. Batteries are also costly. Instead try using rechargeable batteries like any of the TruCELL battery packs which you can recharge in the ReVIVE GoCharge. Another easy switch is solar power. I'm not talking about solar panels for your home or car. I'm talking about the ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore which is a portable extended battery charge pack. This all-in-one charger is capable of powering any device equipped with a micro or mini USB port. The Solar Restore can either be charged via the sun, USB or AC outlet. Once it's charged it will hold the charge for later use to give a power boost to your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. It also includes a built-in, side-loaded, flexible LED light so you can read your Kindle by the campfire while you charge it. These are just a couple of easy, practical things you can do to help your wallet and the environment. But if you prefer the less practical irrational route there's a solar panel bikini available that can power your MP3 player or Smartphone. Happy Earth Day!

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