Friday, December 28, 2012

Smile! You need to look your best for 2013!

Counting today, there are four more days left of 2012.  With the new year, brings resolutions of dieting, learning a new language, being more organized, staying in touch with relatives and cleaning a car more than once a year (trust me - I've heard it all)! Psychotherapist William Anderson, writer for the Huffington Post, explains that instead of creating resolutions we should make written goals.  The simple act of writing down what we have to achieve will make it easier to make it possible.

While I do not have any resolut - I mean, goals - for 2013, I do have one big accomplishment I want to complete before the new year comes around:  have a good time as the clock is counting down! There are so many things I can do: go to a house party, watch the fireworks at an amusement park, take in the atmosphere on a boat party or even go to a club or a bar. No matter what I decide to do, I know that I am going to need to take as many pictures as I can! Enter in the dual charger.

There is nothing worse than going to a party and taking pictures just to have your camera battery die!  That has happened to me on many occasions!  Therefore, I decided to buy another battery. The dual charger will come in handy, because when one battery dies it can be charged immediately, while I still take photos with the other battery. I know for sure that this New Year's Eve, I will be able to take as many pictures as I want!

Whether you want to call it goals, resolutions or visions for the future, just be sure you go out with a bang in preparation for the upcoming battle. Who knows, those pictures you take can give you inspiration to achieve those goals in the new year!

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