Friday, December 7, 2012

What do The Hobbit and Santa Claus have in common?

It seems like award-winning director Peter Jackson will end the year on a high note. The Hobbit, his highly-awaited prequel to Lord of the Rings, opens in US cinemas on Friday, December 14th. Many critics expect it to shatter box office records on opening weekend. In addition, Jackson shot this film - as well as the two sequels to The Hobbit - in 48 frames per second (the normal frame rate is 24). According to HuffPost Entertainment, Warner Bros. is planning a limited release to showcase this innovation.  Who knows - it may become the industry standard. Wouldn't that be a great line to add to your resume?!

Enter in Santa Claus. Mr. Claus' arrival is another greatly anticipated event for most children on December 25th. He will be going from house to house rewarding those kids who have been good all year and letting the bad ones know they have to change their ways. Right now, Little Joey should have already finalized his list and sent his letter out.  For those who did not mail their list, have no fear: you can always tell Santa Claus what you want in person! He can be seen at your local mall on the weekends waiting for you to sit on his lap to hear your every wish.  Just be sure to use the bathroom before you take a seat.

So to recap, we have two important events occuring this month: the release The Hobbit and Santa Claus "coming to town". You can prepare for each by going to parties, having a discussion or simply watching DVDs!  The Lord of the Rings triology is a must-see for any die-hard fan before watching The Hobbit. Then you have the multitude of Christmas-themed movies that can be viewed; take your pick: A Christmas Story, Santa Clause, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Jingle All The Way, Elf, Bad Santa (hey, it still has 'Santa' in the title), etc.

If you choose to watch the movies on a laptop or desktop, you can prepare by having these accessories on hand: a USB-powered light (believe it or not, a bit of light comes in handy at some points); a USB-powered clip-on speaker (maximize your sound); and a wireless mouse (easily fast-forward or rewind a scene without having to go right up to the computer).  It'll be a great time you can have during this holiday season with your family and friends.

If all goes according to plan, it seems like this month will end well for everyone: Bilbo Baggins would have gained experience and wisdom on his journey, Santa Claus would have gotten away from the North Pole for a while, you would have succeeded in watching The Hobbit and receiving gifts from Santa Claus (if you are child) or giving gifts as Santa Claus (if you are an adult), AND I may have given Peter Jackson an idea from his next film. My agent will be awaiting your call, Peter.  

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