Monday, April 1, 2013

60% off! No, this IS NOT an April Fools' Prank

It is April 1st and you know what that means: April Fools' Day! People everywhere are sending texts, making phone calls, and posting messages about the most outlandish things they can think of! Yes, some are creative (and, even believable), while others are downright ridiculous. But trust me: this not a joke. You can save 60% off of this Bluetooth speaker, the Bluesync LX.
The device is versatile - it can pair to your home stereo, smartphone, MP3 player and tablet wirelessly (it has a 32 feet operating range); connect to your wired computer or laptop with the dual AUX-in; and hook to your microphone via the 3.5mm jack for use as a PA system or for an exciting karaoke experience!  Use the remote control to maneuver among the modes.

The sound is phenomenal! The dual satellite speakers comes with 3-inch drivers and 4-inch bass high-excursion subwoofer, which means that you will hear the sound from across the room!  The LCD screen display makes it easy to browse through tracks or adjust the EQ and volume.

Wouldn't it suck that at the end of all this I say "JUST KIDDING! It's an April Fools' joke after all?"  But trust me: that is not the case. Enjoy!

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