Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Add some color to your life!

You know those people who like to wear grays, blacks and browns in the winter? I'm not one of them! I'm one of those other people who will wear yellow on a gloomy morning and say, "I'm here to add some brightness to this dreary day!" Let me tell you, I’ve got many fans in the office! For me, obviously, the more color the better! I do not want the weather to be in control of my mood; that honor is left for me! It seems like GOgroove understands where I am coming from! Their ergonomic earbuds, the AudiOHM BPMs, come in three colors: red, black and blue.
One must accessorize, right? Take my colleague for example. He has phone protectors in different colors to match his mood and style. Why can’t earbuds be the same thing? If you are going on a jog and want to exude energy, strength and passion, you are going to opt for the red one. Now it is time to relax and get work done. Blue, which is associated with tranquility and calmness, will be the BPM that you would want by your side. However, if you are focused on a project and do not want to be bothered by anyone, go for black. It gives off a sense of authority.

Sure, some people may not even be fussed changing the color of earbuds to match their moods, but you have to admit: that adds more excitement to life! Maybe I’m just weird or… maybe I am not. The GOgroove AudiOHM BPMs seem to agree with me! And let’s be honest: when can you ever go wrong when something is discounted by 80% for this week only!

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