Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The best ways to save money in the summer

Summer is here - ok, not literally, but it is coming up next week! What better way to get ready than looking at ways to save money? Here is a list of simple things you can do to keep more money on you:

- Check out Groupon or Living Social before going to a restaurant or doing an activity. There are so many great deals! It makes no sense to pay the full price when you can get it for a ridiculous discount!

- Invest in a credit card that offers some type of reward: travel, shopping, or entertainment. Even if you have cash to pay for an item, use the credit card AND THEN pay the credit card with the cash! The point is to rack up those rewards points and the only way you can do that is by using the credit card. The tricky part is ensuring you do not spend more on your credit card than you would with cash.

- Do not go to the cinema in the evening. I know this is a tough one as some of us work in the mornings and simply enjoy watching a movie late at night, but it is around 25% more expensive. Some
cinemas offer deals in the middle of the week, such as a Date Night where you can get a movie, popcorn and soda deal and Tuesday night specials. Also, if possible, refrain from buying your movie ticket online. While you are ensuring you have a reserved seat, the surcharge you are paying is not really worth it. Instead, go to the cinema directly. Most movie theaters sell tickets for popular films a few days before it is released. Remember, they want your money just as much as Fandango!

- Sign up for the Accessory Genie newsletter. Each week, there is a deal on a specific product, which can vary from headphones, tablet cases, clocks, external battery packs, speakers, and more! I have seen it as low as 80% off! For example, the GOgroove BlueSYNC SRC, a Bluetooth portable speaker and receiver, was on sale for $29.99 -- down from $44.99! The catch is that the coupon code is only given in the newsletter. Don't be left out - sign up today!

Seeing that you have some tips on how to save funds, you can now use that money to do more important things this summer like going to the beach, taking a road trip, and hanging out with friends! And don't forget the sunscreen!

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