Monday, June 17, 2013

Riding in your car and looking cool at the same time

We have all seen it: those guys in their flashy cars with the tops down, bumping their music with a hot girl in the car sitting next to them. He's wearing his designer sunglasses, driving with his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on the gear. His passenger laughs at his jokes - even though it is a bit hard to hear him - as the wind tosses her hair back and forth. He picks up his phone, which is resting in his lap, to change the song that is blasting from his custom stereo system by Pioneer. He thinks he's "bad". He thinks he has everything anyone could want. But we all know he is not fully complete as he is missing one thing: GOgroove FlexSMART SP4.

An FM transmitter with a USB charging port; that's what the GOgroove FlexSMART SP4 is all about!  It can be used with MP3 players, smartphones and GPS devices. If a particular device has low battery, simply use the USB port to charge it! You will never have your device dying on you again! You are able to listen to your music and make hands-free calls all through the car's stereo. It has an advanced voice detection microphone making it easy for the person on the other end to hear you. The sound output is optimized to offer crisp highs, full mids and deep lows. The SP4 is very adaptable. There is a 360-degree rotating head, so you can choose if you want to view your screen horizontally, vertically or even diagonally (hey, everyone is different!). There is an included suction so you can mount the SP4 on the window, dashboard or cup holder.  Oh...and did I mention that it is on sale this week with the coupon code from our newsletter?

While the GOgroove FlexSMART SP4 cannot make up for not having a car worth more than $50K, at least you can be efficient. I bet the guy in the car is jealous! Who knows? It may even score you a date with a hot girl. If not, do not blame this post!

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